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I am a big Duke fan, and really thought Boozer was gonna end up being a steal in the draft when it became evident he was gonna slip. The Cavs really lucked out. I think that because Duke is such a dominant program, people tend to nitpick at Duke players' deficiencies rather than giving them credit for their strengths. Boozer was a victim, but he will prove everyone wrong.

He has really slimmed down and looks like a legit NBA player. Weighing in at a slim 258 these days (down about 20-25 lbs from college) he is noticeably light on his feet. He conditioning looks great and he seems to be very quick up and down the court. He also looks very comfortable guarding guys out on the wing, and on the wing offensively as well.

His ballhandling looks good and his form on his shot looks nice. A few shots have rimmed out, but they look good on the release which ultimately is more important in predicting his success from outside in the future. His defense has also noticeably improved. He has gotten his hands on some entry passes into the post, and looks improved at contesting shots.

All in all, a nice first showing for the big guy and he is demonstrating he has a bright future in the NBA. Sometimes good players get unlucky on draft day, but talent and work ethic will eventually determine true success and I really believe that he will succeed. Maybe falling to the 2nd round wil be a blessing for him, cause he may really surprise and have a strong rookie season and be making bank by next year rather than waiting out the rookie contract. Let's cross our fingers for him.

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Agreed. Although you make him sound like an All-Star.

He looked a little disoriented at times, but at worst I think he'll be a great 6th-7th man off the bench at the power forward spot.

I really wish at this point that Orlando had taken Boozer. They needed someone who could come right in and contribute and keep a level head and Boozer could have done that.
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