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Carlos Boozer trade value?

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everyone seemed to be very high on him before last season and latley before his return I had been hearing that he "isnt worth squat" or is a "horrible contract"

what are your toughts on his trade value
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last 2 games, he has got 30/10 (47 minutes) and 21/11 (32 minutes) (those are his first 2 starts of the year). He was starting both games at Center... and Okur at PF. Also boozer has still managed to get 10 reboudns both of those games competing with all the players for rebounds. In fact 2 games ago he got 30/10 and okur got 30/11. But I hope the jazz dont trade him, because you can always use a player that can get those numbers. Might i add the reason why his points are going up is because sloan is actually starting to call plays for boozer (wasn't before when he was just coming back). The jazz have an great front court of kirilenko okur boozer (last 2 games 81 points 63 point: kirilenko,boozer,okur combined.)

I dont think the jazz will trade boozer, I think the jazz will improve thier backcourt through draft and FA. They really need to get rid of brown, mcleod, and palacio.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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