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Re: Joe Johnson to Cleveland Rumor

He's never really struck me as dumb... and he's now had an entire prime to take a team deep into the playoffs and do some damage. But it just hasn't happened. I think he probably still sees himself as a starter, but if the right team and situation came along I could see him agreeing to lead a bench unit.

There seem to be three dominant personalities regarding the bench among starters:
1. It is insulting, and it won't be accepted.
2. It is insulting if I'm not given the role I see myself deserving.
3. I'll take it and roll with it and be a soldier.

I see Joe Johnson in that middle group. If you put him in Cleveland and tell him he's going to be a supercharged version of Iguodala - they sell it to him as he's taking a respected and important championship role, and he's making it more prestigious still by his presence. I think he'd destroy most bench units all season long too. He's not an Iguodala, in terms of the way he plays - but he'd have a similar impact on their bench with his scoring ability and size.

That said... I don't think Cleveland would risk rocking the boat by doing more than asking him what he thinks, and seeing how he reacts first. And if he doesn't react positively, if he sees his best role for the team as the starter, they'd take him in as a starter and avoid rocking the boat - because even in that instance, at least to start the season, you give Joe that role on Lebron's team, and if Joe can't co-exist... Lebron gets to decide where Joe fits in the rotation.

With any other superstar I think I'd avoid allowing it. I don't think I'd have ever given Lebron all the freedom he has in Cleveland to make personnel decisions, but they decided that they had to do it - and they've established the precedent. This is his team.

Man I meandered on that post...
I honestly think Andre Iguodala winning Finals MVP is going to have a very positive impact on many guys moving forward regarding this issue. Joe is more likely to accept a bench role today than he would have been before the Finals.

It wasn't just the Iggy took a reduced role and went on to win the title. He also managed to win a prestigious individual award in the process. Guys will take notice of that.
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