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Which Andre Miller trade do you prefer?

  • Trade with the Pacers (read below for details)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Trade #1 with the Clips/Hornets (read below)

    Votes: 7 70.0%
  • Trade #2 with the Clips/Hornets (read below)

    Votes: 3 30.0%
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It's looking like the Cavs WILL trade Andre Miller in the next couple of weeks. Which trade below do you prefer?

1) Miller, Tyrone Hill, and Lamond Murray (terrible longterm contract) for Jonathan Bender, Ron Artest, Ron Mercer, and a future #1 pick;

2) Andre Miller, Chris Mihm, and Derek Strong to the Hornets; Baron Davis, Bimbo Coles, and Tim James to the Clippers; Darius Miles, Jerome Moiso, Stacey Augmon, and the rights to Chris Wilcox and Marco Jaric to the Cavaliers;

3) Substitute Lamar Odom for Darius Miles in the above trade scenario

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I'll take

door #2 if those are my only options. I do not want Odom. By the way..... Derek Strong is not on our roster, so we can't trade him. Do those trades work in RealGM? I also do not agree that Lamond Murray has a bad contract. Compare his contract to people like Juwan Howard, or Bobby Sura, or Wesley Person, and you will see his contract is better then those and he puts up better numbers. I'm not saying we should keep him, but his contract is not bad at all.

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1) Derek Strong is on the CLIPPERS' roster, this trade is a three-way, remember;

2) Lamond Murray's contract lasts for another FOUR YEARS (maybe more)--and he certainly does not fit in with Cleveland's youth movement (assuming these trades happen)--so I think the team should move him. They don't want him for another four years, do they?

Anyway, I have a feeling that the Cavs blew their chance to get the best possible package for Andre. They SHOULD'VE agreed to that trade with the Clips a lot sooner--THEN the Clips would've drafted Caron Butler for them--the Clips THEN were going to trade Butler and Odom (right?) for Miller. It doesn't look like the Clips are willing to include Miles in a package for Miller--but I still think that they'd be willing to include Miles in a package if they could get back Baron Davis instead of Andre Miller! Is Davis better than Miller? I don't know, maybe not--but my guess is that the Clips THINK that Davis is better than Miller, and that Davis will put way more people in the seats than Miller. And they're right about that second part, Davis DOES put more people in the seats than does Miller, and selling tickets is, well, a really big deal, obviously.

ANYWAY, yeah, I don't think the Clips will be dealing with the Pacers, to be honest with you, so here is my revised trade with the Pacers, the one that I am starting to think will happen instead:

Andre, Zydrunas, Lamond, and Bimbo Coles to the Pacers

Jonathan Bender, Ron Artest, Kenny Anderson, and Ron Mercer to the Cavs

The key to this deal for the Cavs is getting rid of Ilgauskus' godawful contract, obviously. And maybe Bender turns into a star, although I REALLY doubt it. Artest is young and is a real gamer, while Mercer's contract is up after a couple of seasons.

THEN, in order to get what they can WHILE they can for Anderson and Tyrone Hill (both veterans who don't need to be taking minutes away from the kiddies, and both free agents after next season), here are a couple more trades:

1) Horace Grant, Jud Buechler, Don Reid, and Sacramento's 2003 #1 pick for Kenny Anderson (don't worry, all three dudes are free agents after next season, and they make a bit less money combined than Anderson does in 2002-03);

2) Roger Mason, Fred Hoiberg, and Michael Ruffin for Tyrone Hill (and again, don't worry, both Hoiberg and Ruffin are free agents after next season, the three players here make about $4 mil less than Hill does next season, and Mason was considered a first-round talent by a lot of people, so again, at least you're getting SOMETHING for Hill, an unwanted veteran)

Here are your 2002-03 Cleveland Cavaliers (and make no mistake about it, this team will SUCK SUCK SUCK, but hopefully a few of these kiddies will emerge as keepers):

PG Dajuan Wagner--Roger Mason
SG Ricky Davis (re-signed)--Ron Mercer
SF Ron Artest--Jonathan Bender
PF Jumaine Jones--Carlos Boozer
C Chris Mihm--DaSagana Diop

All the old folks will ride the pine, or they SHOULD ride the pine (Horace Grant, Jud Buechler, Don Reid, Nick Anderson, Bryant Stith, Fred Hoiberg, Michael Ruffin), while neither Michael Doleac nor Brian Skinner will be re-signed.

And REMEMBER, even if this (or any other) Cavs team goes 0-82, they STILL only have a 25% chance at Lebron James!

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ok, i c

about Strong.... and a 3-way.

About Lamond Murray, I was just responding to you saying he has a "terrible long-term contract". I still disagree with that. In IMO it is not a terrible long-term contract, it is a decent affordable one for a decent role player. BUT.... your follow-up point of "does he fit long-term iin the Cavs plan?" - there I agree with you "no". He has a very attractive contract as a starter which makes him very good trade fodder.

By the way, I'm not trying to be disagreeable with you either, we just have different points of view....

Your trade with Indy.... I'm not sure the Cavs are ready to give-up on Z yet. I get your point about sucking for the LeBron contest, but a healthy Z is still one of the better centers around, he's still young, and with a healthy off-season he will be near the top of his game again... and that ain't bad at all. Plus, Mihm is a wash so far, Diop needs ALOT of minutes to even get close to taking over. I like Bender a lot, and Artest is a good role player, but I think Clev is giving up too much. IF, and it is still a big IF, IF Andre is traded it almost has to be with the CLips. And if Z is included, then I think Portland might be a partner.

Also, your follow-up trades (if the Indy trade happens) looks good. Good thoughts.

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I prefer to keep Dre...especially if he can be signed to a Mike Bibby like extension.

If he must be traded,,I would want Odom in return. Despite all the off court stuff I just think he can still be a franchise type player. He also has the passing and ball skills that would compliment Wagner.

I'm sure the Cavs would prefer the 'safer' player in Miles since he has the extra year remaining on his contract and has stayed away from the pot suspensions. I don't see the Clips trading Miles,however. Elg does not have control to make trades that will make that team better. DTS has the final say and will not let the popular Miles be traded for financial reasons. I still don't see the Clips adding another potential max type player who will have to be extended in the next year.

Robyg,,your Indiana proposal is interesting esp if the Cavs can dump a contract like Murray. My only concern is that none of the Indiana guys have that 'franchise' player potential. I hate to give up quality for quantity...the following trade,however,does work salarywise:

To Cle:
Brad Miller(1 yr left on his contract)

To Indiana:
Andre Miller
Lamond Murray
Chris Mihm
Bryant Stith(1 yr left on his contract)
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