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Here are the CBA All-Stars for 2003-2004:

American Division/Conference:

Roberto Bergersen (college: Boise St.) Idaho
Josh Davis (college: Wyoming) Idaho
DeSean Hadley (college: E.Michigan) Idaho
David Jackson (college: Oregon) Sioux Falls
Immanuel Mc Elroy (college: Cincinnati) Gary
Jemeil Rich (college: SMU) Gary
Leon Smith (college: none) Gary
Roy Tarpley (college: Michigan) Sioux Falls
Leonard White (college: Southern) Sioux Falls
Galen Young (college: Charlotte) Gary

National Division/Conference:

Anthony Bonner (college: St.Louis) Great Lakes
Torraye Braggs (college: Xavier) Yakima
Kaniel Dickens (college: Idaho) Dakota
Ben Ebong (college: Davidson) Dakota
Ronnie Fields (college: N/A) Rockford
Eddie Gill (college: Weber St.) Dakota
Anthony Goldwire (college: Houston) Yakima
Jimmie Hunter (college: Life) Rockford
Anthony Miller (college: Michigan St.) Yakima
Ray Weathers (college: Michigan St.) Dakota

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Leon Smith is a pretty good player, I saw him play with the Lakers in the LA Summer Pro League, I was surprised that he didn't at least make the Preseason roster.

Nice to see he's doing well in the CBA.

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I didn't realize that Roy Tarpley was in the CBA. My choice for all-time biggest waste of talent.

Also, good to see Josh Smith on that list. I really thought that he had a good chance as a bench player in the NBA.

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Roy Tarpley? So he can play, but the injury prevents him from competing at teh NBA level?

Leon Smith. I wish he was on Sioux Falls, I might go check him out.
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