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I think it was a little of both - in that first game.

The Nets do have some athleticism - as Jason is superb and Kenyon is a high leaper and has good body control. Kerry has his own little niche in the athleticism department, too. Their rookie is athletic, too. Their other rookie, Collins, is getting better all of the time, When he realizes that he doesn't have to be afraid, that big kid will be something as their front line center of the future.

The Celtics did not play their usual harassing type of defense in the first game, but you got to see it in action tonight in the 2nd game. They rotate especially well. They always have weak side help when playing their game. And how about Tony Battie tonight? He had a great defensive game and even added 8 points at critical times.

I sincerely hope this is an awesome series. It's good for both teams, and more importantly, it is good "business"! ;)
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