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centers? in the draft?

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wow this is a weak list you have to go down to the 14 position lets look:

14.Utah Aaron Gray 7-0 270 C Pittsburgh Jr.
21.Memphis Hilton Armstrong 6-11 235 C UConn S
28.Dallas Paul Davis 6-10 260 PF/C Mich. St. Sr.

thats it in the draft that is by far the weakest ever amount
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I think you are forgetting somebody. His name is Lamarcus Aldridge from Texas. He will probably go top 4 if he comes out. After watching him patrol the paint some last night, I believe it. He didn't do a lot of scoring, but was effective when he did. Defensively and rebounding wise, he is solid, with really long (Rasheed/Duncan like) arms.
you could argue that Splitter is also a center/pf
I like Paul Davis. Ever since he came to MSU, I've had my eyes on him. And this year he's even more solid. 18 and 10 I think he averaged this year. Shoots really well at the FT line for a big man, too. He'd be a great backup PF/C here in Portland.
alridge is a pf isnt he? guess it depends on which site you look at!
Look out for the kid from Bradley by the name of Patrick O'Bryant.....He's a man among boys and has great size, great shot blocking abilities and is getting better with every game...and for those of you who are in love with "upside", he has plenty of that too...However, I doubt he'll be coming out this year...
there is georgetowns 7'2 center too!
Utherhimo said:
there is georgetowns 7'2 center too!
Roy Hibit(sp) totally impressed me today. This was the first time I saw him play but he sure did look like someone who you can build a team around. He is only in his second year and acording to the anouncers he was late to basketball, but the kid is good. He is 7'2" and plays bigger. He is quick and mobil for a big man. He was gaurding out to the 3pt line and doing a very good job at it. His picks need some work but aside from that he was a joy to watch. His D was good and he scored 24 points and got something like 13 rebounds. He only blocked one or two shots, but he altered dozens and is the reason his team won. I have no idea if he is going to declare, but if he can have a repeat performance then his stock may climb so high that it would be silly not to declare. You can not judge off of one game, but he was more impressive in this second round game then I have I have ever seen from Aldridge.
Joakim Noah is another stud who can play some center. When he comes out, I don;t think it'll be this year unless florida goes deep into the tourney, he'll be a top 6 pick. I think he's going to be amazing.
the thing that impresses me the most about Hibbert is a very subtle thing

he is excellent at presenting the passer a wide and easy to hit target in the post......this would seem to be easy for such a big man but some bigs are weak in this area
Noah is a simply amazing basketball player. He was once a 6'2 PG in High School, but grew to about 7'0 by Junior/Senior year. He is as athletic as Aldridge, as fast as Aldridge and a more active player who never stops moving. He could bulk up and be a amazing center, with passing skills that would put him in the top 5 amongst centers. I think he is a better prospect than Aldridge, and should be the 5th pick after Gay, LaMarcus, Ammo and Andrea, although I would give him serious consideration with our top 5 pick this year.
O' Bryant today had 28 pts in 7 rebs in Bradley's win over Pittsburgh..
Anybody see *the* move (if you watched the entire game, you know which one I'm talkin' about) he made in their game today, against Ohio State? :eek8: Amazing from a guy his size, considering his age and experience.
the spin flipin?
Yea I have seen 2 of Obrients games so far, he is playing very well in the tournament. I was doing some reading though, and its like this the first time he has played this hard all season, so it is puzzling some people as to if he really has his motor running all the time or not, and if that would be a problem.

He reminds me of Tyson Chandler.

What I watch for with the centers is the fundamentals. Are they just another big body out there, or are they:

*Positioned properly when playing defense.
*Able to make weak and strong side defensive plays.
*Block out for rebounding
*Score within the flow of the offense
*Do they hold the ball high up so the little guys can't pester it away from them.

When watching the last 2 games, he was doing all of the above listed things, which is a good sign, it means he has the fundamentals down well., and can probably step into the league and work into a jounreyman center role.

I like the kid from Georgetown, witha a little seasoning, I think he could be a star. I think he is only a sophomore, and I would have to bet that with John Thompsen the 3rd coaching him, he will have excellent big man skills within the next 2 years. As it was last night I think was the first time I have ever seen a 7'2" player put the ball on the floor and do a spin move to the rim, he has some handles.
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yea i saw it and was like wow its been a long time since ive seen that move done let alone a guy his size and he is wide bodied the next shaq or patrick ewing? dont know but he has a soft touch.
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