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Interesting thread. I wonder what the Raptors would give up for a centre. There is no doubt the cap is going up (probably to $51-52 million) plus with a couple of expiring contracts, the Raptors should have some room to play. I don't think they need a top-flight centre, but I do think they need a centre who plays active defense and is good for 12-15 boards a night (plus creating space for others).

Off the top of my head, I like Sam Dalembaert (esp. since he's buried on the bench). He might come cheap (esp. since Billy King isn't exactly a genius). Yes, it's a terrible, terrible contract but overpaying should be a given.

I don't really like Pryzbilla. He always seemed to be not that good to me. Whoever mentioned Kwame Brown needs to shake their head to clear that ill-advised thought immediately (though the comedy value of Kwame Brown and Rudy Gay, possibly the 2 least motivated players ever, would be off the charts).

The Raptors should go after Dalembaert or Dan Gadzuric or David Harrison (excellent suggestion, by whever did it) via trade. Nazr Mohammed would be a nice pick-up for the right price as well. In any event, someone has to come in to help with defense and rebounding.
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