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...I think it was a very good move for the Blazers. The plan was to waive Jeff McInnis this summer anyway (his contract wasn't guaranteed after this season). So, in return, the team gets a 40 game sneak peek at a guy they might be interested in the free agent market. Miles has the athletcism, he just hasn't developed a consistent jumper or offesive game. If Portland starts running, Miles can help. It's the half court offense he struggles in.
...and from Cleveland's perspective...

McGinnis is solid and he allows the Cavs to move LeBron to the wing. Right now, every move is about LeBron and how to surround him with talent that compliments his game. I don't think McInnis is anything more than a 40 game stop gap, but he should serve his purpose. It's still a little shocking, however, that Miles' value was so low that McInnis was the best Paxson could do.

The explosiveness is back, but the improved game that Miles was supposed to bring with it never materialized. Another season gone awry has forced Cavaliers GM Jim Paxson to make another rash move. He's traded Miles to the Blazers for Jeff McInnis and Ruben Boumtje Boumtje.

Remember how many people in Cleveland thought the Cavs got the better end of the deal when they swapped Andre Miller for Miles 18 months ago? What does it say about Miles that in this short space, Paxson was willing to swap him for a journeyman point guard who, though talented, has a notoriously tough time getting along with his teammates?
And while Miles had a much-publicized run-in with head coach Paul Silas recently, Ford says that had nothing to do with the trade:
It's still Miles' inability to shoot the ball that's torpedoing his stock. When Miles is on the break, in the paint, or leaping for an offensive rebound, he's very effective. He takes 44 percent of his shots from close range, dunks or tip ins, and shoots 58 percent from the field doing it. It's the 56 percent that are jumpers that kills him. He's shooting just 33 percent from the field when he takes a jumper.

Some GMs around the league think Cavs' GM Jim Paxson waited too long to deal Miles
"He could've gotten much, much more for him a month or two ago," one GM said. "He waited until the guy's value was at rock bottom."

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It seems that people drastically undervalue McInnis.

He is a tall pg who shoots 47% from the field and does not turn the ball over. He is not a good deep shooter but he shoots lights out from mid range and he takes good shots. I personally feel that he will compliment James better then Miles did. They now have a player to take up the ball handling duties enabling James to play off the ball more. He also allows James to run the half court offence without having to be the one bringing the ball up court all the time.

He is not a super athlete but he is good enough. People act like the Cavs just received Rick Brunson.
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