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Originally posted by FJ_of _Rockaway

The style of my reply and its content was based around johnston 797's reply about Halberstam's read and his contention that there are a lot of similarities ( stylistically ) between Tyson and a young Michael Jordan.

MJ , as I always remembered him , was a very respectful young man early on who could really charm . He came from a very solid family with very solid values that has emphasised the necessity for hardwork to achieve anything that you are setting your goals toward.

Tyson , like a young MJ , is charismatic , opinionated ( not necessarily a bad thing ) fiercely competitive and definately knows what he wants as I suspect he always has

Somewhere along the way , the pressure of the spotlight in the media crush that was the eighties , combined , perhaps with the non consultative "us and them" style of management sent things awry .. and negativity and distrust built up on itself - both sides being equally responsible and as they say in the classics... the rest is history .

I trust your opinion as you well know and in support of my belief in you , it is just common sense for management to learn from their mistakes and make the necessary adjustments (structurally - not neccessarily in personality however in that we cannot change who we are and how we respond under pressure when the raw elements of who we are come out)

Tyson is precocious and his confidence may mask a certain naivety to some extent - at least that is the way it gets perceived by me in studying the Bulls from distance . His comments with regard to the playoffs this season were encouraging on one hand and slightly embarrassing in their naivety on the other. His comments now asking for leadership , which surely one day must come , perhaps before he is truly ready and has his game up to speed , is publicly putting pressure on himself that he does not need to just yet. Let his game develop and then talk it up and stake his claim . I can understand the psyche though and I respect the compulsion in needing to say it as it rings true to me on a personal level.

Also as they say in the classics .. sometimes discretion is the better part of valour.

The final point I make may not be his fault but he has to develop his relationships with the beat writers better such that they inadvertantly do not paint a picture the wrong way . Upon reading that I saw how inflammatory it may be too team chemistry and growth if one of the kids had a preferenced "ear" to jaw off some things he is only just starting to understand and in this position of preference , being seen to have undue influence could do one of two things :

1. Pi$$ his teammates off and potentially make them distrustful of him if he tries to assume leadership before he has legitimately earned it

2. Have Mgt humour him and his "inputs" if they get too frequent, forceful and clumsy in their delivery , which , if picked up on by Tyson could get him pi$$ed and frustrated - the build up of such negativity could detract from the development of his game

In all of this , because he is still so young at 19 and needs to be guided much further still , the real challenge is for Mgt to manage Tyson carefully and encourage his input but deftly managing the lines of demarcation such that Tyson accepts off his own accord what he is there for and that is to be an absolute ball tearing stud, who together with this brilliant and exciting nucleus Jerry has put together will deliver several years of entertaining high quality ball we can all be proud of.

To finish off with another line from the classics and in keeping with the theme of maturity and personal growth :

Mark Twain once said :

"When I was 18 I thought my father was a fool . By the time I was 25 I was surprised at how much he had learned"

Good luck on draft day ( y'know what I mean :) )
very nice post. (And i could understand this one!!! LOL)
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