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For those of you who browse the site you may have noticed changes in the boards. First of all we have a links section. If you have a web site that you want posted let me know through pm or e-mail. i will check it out for approval. Of course we would want our site on yours as well. This will make obsolete the desire of posters to spam their site on the public boards. Here is the link:

All those sites have our link as well. check back in here from time to time because the scene changes daily!!

We have a salaries and CBA thread.

We now have college conferences! All of them We are a basketball board and up until now we just promoted NBA as the main boards. NCAA is right upon us. Now we have places for the college hoops fan to come and post. Here is the link to that:

Third: We had a suggestion about a week ago from one of the posters here about having the fans in here create team web sites and link to our boards. We have discussed this and we think its a good idea. So any poster or posters in here who wants to create a team web site to have us as their message board, please pm me. You the poster would have to do this on your own. Build and maintain the site. We would prefer you be a supporting member also. We would want the web site to be well put together and of course generate fan support to the site on its own merit. You will get people from here also that would want to see your site as well.

We have a few web sites already under review from members and non members. Keep in mind we would want NBA sites, thats true, but with the new college forums, one could have a conference page or team page!! The sky is the limit. Your site could grow along with us!

Keep your suggestions coming in!! This is your board!! We will try and do everying possible to make it the best basketball messageboard on the interenet. By listening to you, we can accomplish that!!!
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