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As a GSW fan, what changes would you like to see done?

Here's my list:
1. new owner who's an actual basketball fan (ie. Mark Cuban)
2. fire St. Jean, hire qualified GM (ie. Jerry West)
3. new GM needs to hire an intense coach (ie. Byron Scott or Danny Ainge)
4. transition from youth team to playoff caliber team
5. trade Fortson for expiring contract(s)
6. plan on signing an impact PG during next year's free agency period: Kidd, GP, or Baron Davis & a DEFENSIVE STOPPER
7. bring the Dallas Cowboy's cheerleaders in for eyecandy

who I would trade:
-Danny Fortson - should be traded for a good defensive player
-Gilbert Arenas - has trade value
-Steve Logan - might be stuck with him
-Eric Dampier - big contract, not going anywhere

who I wouldn't trade:
-Bob Sura - contract expires after the season
-Chris Mills - contract expires after the season
*combined, these 2 will free up about $11.5 million next season

if the right deal came along, I'd trade:
-Mike Dunleavy
-Antawn Jamison - heavy contract makes things complicated

-Jason Richardson - trading him would send wrong message to fans, that and he's an awesome player who has all-star potential
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