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Channing Frye has already finished his rookie season. He played pretty well, averaging 12.3 points , 5 rebounds and almost one assist in 24 minutes of play.

Good numbers, good words: our favourite drunkard.. erm, GM, Isiah Thomas, used to say before the trading deadline that only Channing Frye and Eddy Curry were surely going to stay in NY.
But looking at this statement, there is another consideration to be made: in this ugly, strongly disappointing season for the Knicks, Frye didn't have space and minutes a future franchise-player should have had.
He has been coming off the bench all year, in a team where players are all but good in the painted area.
I have the impression Larry Brown doesn't believe too much in this guy: Frye showned great things (good footwork, soft hands, high-percentage shooter), but lacks lateral footspeed to keep up with most NBA power forwards, and has to develop a more consistent defence.

I would like to read your opinions about this guy. And, of course, your expectations for the upcoming season.
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