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Charlie Villanueva - Rookie with 40+

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This guy is having an awesome game...

42 points on 17 of 26 shooting and 6 three's! Making a case for ROY perhaps? If Chris Paul doesn't make the playoffs then I think he has a shot.

What other rooks have ever scored 40+ in a game? None this season as far as I know...
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Skillanueva stepping up big in Bosh's absence (has a minor thumb sprain).

Charlie wants to be the runner-up for ROY. Making a good case for himself.

In related news, Terry Stotts is a bizarre coach. Both Magloire and Bogut on the bench for almost the whole second half against the weak Raptors frontline.
Charlie ties the game with a nice tip off a Mo Pete miss.
Game is going to overtime.
Charlie with 44 points, he definately has a shot at 50.
He had 44 pts after the regulation. Impressive.

Now we're going to overtime.
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Charlie had 16 points in the 4th quarter, the first 9 points of the quarter, and the last 7.
Has 44 going into overtime...How many rookies have ever gotten 50 points?
He is definitely one of the top rookies out there. He is showing some classy moves in this game. He is relentless!
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He has many skills for a big-man, but no way does he overtake Chris Paul for ROY. Paul's been rockin' since game one.
Damn. Paul isn't going to have this so easy. CV has been nasty all year, and Felton is also stepping up big time.
Paul will win. There's like 12-15 games left in the season. It will be pretty unanimous.
Very impressive, I said it before, this guy could be a superstar in the league
I bet hes laghin has a hole off because everybody ripped the raps for draftin him at 7 and hes been a top3 rookie this year.
Sam gets tossed, game is out of reach for the Raps.

Still, impressive night for Supernueva.

Edit: garbage time, Charlie gets another 2 points. 48 on the night.
speedythief said:
Still, impressive night for Supernueva.
Nice nickname.

I'll admit, I didn't know what the raps were thinking drafting CV. But then, I don't think they did either. I's Joey Graham, y'know? But seems like he's going to be a good pro.
Villanueva finishes the game with 48.
I remember Toronto got tore up when they drafted this guy so early...
LOL, Charlie is dissappointed with losing the game in OT, but he says to himself, I scored a career high 48, I'll be in a good mood the rest of the day. Then he sees George Mason just beat UConn to go to the Final Four...:laugh:
Damn... 48 points and only 2 made free throws? Making 20 field goals in a game is pretty impressive. Making 20 shots as a rookie is downright ridiculous. Kudos to Charlie and to Toronto for takin a chance on this guy.
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