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Check out this interview with Kevin Garnett at

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Q: Are you overpaid?

KG: Hell no. If anything I'm underpaid, with everything I do. That's a ridiculous question. I have to do everything for this team.

Q: Are you tough enough to play in the Western Conference? Maybe Minnesota should move to the East.

KG: Man, I've been in the Western Conference for seven years. Holdin' it down. Nobody there scares me. Look at my numbers. You know my rap sheet.

Q: What are your numbers?

KG: Twenty, ten and five. Twenty, ten and five. Three years in a row. And I'm rounding down. Who else has done that?

Q: What does that get you?

KG: It gets you what it gets you.

Q: Does it get you out of the first round?

KG: We'll get out of the first round when everybody does their part. Players, coaches, management, everybody. I can't do everything by myself. It'll get us past the first round if m-----------s do their part.

Don't tell KG he's soft in the 4th.

Q: Word on the street is that you're soft in the fourth quarter.

KG: F--- you talkin' about? That's not what I hear.

Q: What do you hear?

KG: That KG is the m---------ing s---. ****** know. My peers in the league know what I'm about.

Q: What have you learned about the fourth quarter?

KG: To not pass the ball if we're losing.

Q: Did it hurt you when your idols criticized you? [During the playoffs, Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley were highly critical of Garnett for not "stepping up" in the fourth quarter.]

KG: That was just them being d---s. They were just looking for a camera. Besides, they're not my idols anyway.

Q: Has Kobe ever dunked on you?

KG: That's a stupid question. No. Kobe has never dunked on me in his life.

Q: Are you and Wally better than Kobe and Shaq?

KG: [Long pause] No … it hurts me to say it but we're not. I just … [sigh] ... we just aren't.

Q: Why did you skip college?

KG: At the time I felt like going pro was the only way I was going to make something of my life. Besides college ain't s---. It's like slavery, they're trying to f--- the kids. You gotta get your education but I made a decision for me.

He sure seems like a nice guy, don't you think? I think it's obvious why he didn't go to college too, and I don't mean because of the answer he gave.
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whoa, thanks i enjoyed that.:D
Depends what your looking at when you mean overpaid...

If your talking about contending for championship. Then he is definately overpaid, they have no shot at making the the semi's at this point w/ his huge contract. He puts up good numbers but he doesn't carry his team scoring if they need points. He's a great player, but when your paid shaq like numbers, you should be dominate like him IMO.

I'm not saying he's not capable of it, but so far he seems unwilling to do it. I think he does cower away sometimes, taking big shots isn't for everyone ;)

BUT, the t-wolves get alot of money from him too, because lots of fans go to t-wolves game just to see him.

If T-Wolves goal is to make the playoffs as a low seed every year, sell decent tickets, make a nice profit, then they should stay w/ him.

I personally think you build a team w/ the purpose of winning a championship. Even though I don't like the bulls, at least they are willing to go all the way and have a chance in the future. Right now the t-wolves are stuck at mediocre level, which is the worse place IMO.
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K.G. can talk ALL the SH*T he wants,the man is the 2nd best ALL-AROUND baller in the league!The reason the T-Wolves dont go deep in the playoffs,is cuz Wally is in his own world,and Brandon is a GIMP PUNK!
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