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Q: Are you overpaid?

KG: Hell no. If anything I'm underpaid, with everything I do. That's a ridiculous question. I have to do everything for this team.

Q: Are you tough enough to play in the Western Conference? Maybe Minnesota should move to the East.

KG: Man, I've been in the Western Conference for seven years. Holdin' it down. Nobody there scares me. Look at my numbers. You know my rap sheet.

Q: What are your numbers?

KG: Twenty, ten and five. Twenty, ten and five. Three years in a row. And I'm rounding down. Who else has done that?

Q: What does that get you?

KG: It gets you what it gets you.

Q: Does it get you out of the first round?

KG: We'll get out of the first round when everybody does their part. Players, coaches, management, everybody. I can't do everything by myself. It'll get us past the first round if m-----------s do their part.

Don't tell KG he's soft in the 4th.

Q: Word on the street is that you're soft in the fourth quarter.

KG: F--- you talkin' about? That's not what I hear.

Q: What do you hear?

KG: That KG is the m---------ing s---. ****** know. My peers in the league know what I'm about.

Q: What have you learned about the fourth quarter?

KG: To not pass the ball if we're losing.

Q: Did it hurt you when your idols criticized you? [During the playoffs, Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley were highly critical of Garnett for not "stepping up" in the fourth quarter.]

KG: That was just them being d---s. They were just looking for a camera. Besides, they're not my idols anyway.

Q: Has Kobe ever dunked on you?

KG: That's a stupid question. No. Kobe has never dunked on me in his life.

Q: Are you and Wally better than Kobe and Shaq?

KG: [Long pause] No … it hurts me to say it but we're not. I just … [sigh] ... we just aren't.

Q: Why did you skip college?

KG: At the time I felt like going pro was the only way I was going to make something of my life. Besides college ain't s---. It's like slavery, they're trying to f--- the kids. You gotta get your education but I made a decision for me.

He sure seems like a nice guy, don't you think? I think it's obvious why he didn't go to college too, and I don't mean because of the answer he gave.
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