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Depends what your looking at when you mean overpaid...

If your talking about contending for championship. Then he is definately overpaid, they have no shot at making the the semi's at this point w/ his huge contract. He puts up good numbers but he doesn't carry his team scoring if they need points. He's a great player, but when your paid shaq like numbers, you should be dominate like him IMO.

I'm not saying he's not capable of it, but so far he seems unwilling to do it. I think he does cower away sometimes, taking big shots isn't for everyone ;)

BUT, the t-wolves get alot of money from him too, because lots of fans go to t-wolves game just to see him.

If T-Wolves goal is to make the playoffs as a low seed every year, sell decent tickets, make a nice profit, then they should stay w/ him.

I personally think you build a team w/ the purpose of winning a championship. Even though I don't like the bulls, at least they are willing to go all the way and have a chance in the future. Right now the t-wolves are stuck at mediocre level, which is the worse place IMO.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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