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NBASCOUT2005 said:
Last offseason, I was hesitant to talk up Chris Wilcox too much because not only would it risk credibility, but he'd have been even harder (more costly) to acquire. One conditional pick or a package of chips directly or in a three-way tailored to LAC's liking would've landed him, IMO.

The time to have acquired Chris Wilcox was last off-season. In particular when Wilcox was in the throes of the legal issues swirling about. When LAC was down on both Wilcox and Maggette. SEA never would've offered Radman for Wilcox back then.

Chris' BBIQ was being questioned and everything else about him under the sun. LAC was receptive to moving them (both Wilcox & Maggette). In fact, they'd have been grateful to get their own first round pick back then. Of course, everyone thought the LAC pick'd be lottery then. He was still worth it.

LAC probably would've taken a conditional pick or some other package just to be rid of Wilcox. When the NETS were fooling around with SAR and Swift, the man they needed could've been had on reasonable terms in trade. The NETS' brass were oblivious to it.

Yeah, I know, they tried to get him. Evidently, they didn't try hard enough! Sure, Jason & Co. were courting SAR and Swift (L's nostalgic memories of them when they first came in the league when he was an assistant up at VAN) while the man they should've been courting was sitting on the Clippers' bench unused, unwanted and unloved. [And Jason wants to be a GM? Yeah, an armchair GM. Harrrumph!] He went after the wrong man!

Chris Wilcox is way better than any PF in this draft and possibly in a long time. He is only 23 with years of NBA experience under his belt already. He was a great athlete that had a chance to be special. The risk was low if he didn't pan out. From here on out, read his stats and weep!

From tonights game:

Chris Wilcox, FC 40 10-14 0-0 10-12 4 10 14 0 0 0 2 4 30

Most importantly it was in a winning effort that he was instrumental at. 30pts and 14rebs in 40min tonight following 16 and 19 the night before. Reads like scrub numbers, doesn't it?

Look at the shooting percentages from the field as well as at the line. The guy was an overlooked diamond in the rough that was buried in the sand under some tree in the jungle that is LAC. Why the NETS didn't move I'll never know?

No one pushed harder than I did for Wilcox's acquistion - NOBODY!!! I'm loathe to commit myself, but when I feel strongly about a player, his evaluation and the value he'd bring to a specific club, I get on it.

Besides what I did behind the scenes, on August 25, 2005, I told Joe Netsfan that Chris Wilcox was still available and that "Thorn's got to move on Chris Wilcox." Joe'll verify this.

Joe Netsfan knows how hard I pushed for Wilcox's acquisition last offseason. In fact, in his Backlash #7 - September 7, 2005 mailbag he devoted a column to it entitled The Weight & Wilcox responding to one of my missives encouraging even Joe Netsfan to push the NETS' brass for Wilcox's urgent acqusition.

To his credit, Joe Netsfan went so far as to openly ask the NETS' brass what they felt about acquiring Wilcox on my behalf, to wit:

"If Nets management is reading this, what do you think about Wilcox? It's been strangely quiet this off-season, I guess not suprising given his troubles (what's with the gun)? Would that be an automatic red-flag to stay away from him, regardless of his talent? Let us know."
- Joe

If any of you armchair NETS' fans on this board ever read, you'll have seen it already. If not, you can click the blue hyperlink above in the name of the column heading and scroll down to the Weight & Wilcox heading to find it. Keep reading, because Joe Netsfan responded to more than one of my missives.

Now that I've begun to be vindicated re: Wilcox, this is all I have got to say for wasted efforts and abuse received by some so-called NETS' fans on this board:

:curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse:

It's my sincere hope that Chris Wilcox will reconsider re-upping with SEA this summer and help Kidd, Carter & Co. bring a title home to NJ. Unfortunately, I'm not holding my breath. Alternatively, I dare Rod & Ed to find someone better in this year's draft.

yea yea yea.... we GET IT!!! YOU wanted wilcox first... we got ure message..... jezz ure up ure self.. :angel:
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