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we all know that class 2000 is one of the worst draft class ever in the nba history, but on the other hand, dont you think this draft also produce one of the largest numbers of super athletic players if not the largest ?? lets see how they will fare against the class 1996, hands down the best draft class ever in the history of nba.

CLASS 2000

c - k mart
pf - stro
sf - d miles
sg - d mas
pg - q


dermarr johnson
jerome moiso
jamal crawford
speedy claxton
donnell harvey
eduardo najera
mike miller
courtney alexander
marko jaric
jamal magloire

CLASS 1996

c - jermaine oneal
pf - toine
sf - peja
sg - kobe
pg - starbury


the answer
ray allen
big z
big ben
steve nash
malik rose
erick dampier
kerry kittles
marcus camby

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Originally posted by <b>denis</b>!
'96 would win by 50
If not more. You could take the starting five off the team for the 96 draft and they'd still win by double figures.

Also, why are people overrating Miles and Swift so dramatically? I don't think there's a coach in the NBA who would start those two and leave Miller and Magloire on the bench.

That'll do Pigley...
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Originally posted by <b>catcher</b>!
Kmart is not a center but could probably take on jermaine. i think the better lineup for the 96 draft class would be:

C- Magloire
PF- Kmart
SF- Mike Miller
G- Crawford
G- Jaric
That team wouldn't scare teams in the WNBA (obviously I am exaggerating before someone makes some type of smart *** comment).

96 by a mile......................................

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The 96 draft was so deep that you could take out the lottery picks and STILL beat the 2000 draft.

C--Zydrunas Ilgauskas
PF-Jermaine O'Neal
SF-Peja Stojakovic
SG-Tony Delk
PG-Steve Nash

C--Malik Rose
PF-Jerome Williams
SF-Walter McCarty
SG-Derek Fisher
PG-Jeff McInnis

That bench is weak and they'd still blow out the 2000 class by double digits. Keep in mind that that group of ten was made without the top 13 picks which include Iverson, Camby, Abdur-Rahim, Marbury, Allen, Walker, Kittles, Dampier, and Kobe.

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A more interesting game would be 1996 and 1998.... Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, Dirk, Bibby, Jamison, Jason Williams, Larry Hughes, Bonzi Wells, Olowakandi, Ricky Davis, Rashard Lewis
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