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I never realized how close Cleveland came to having one of the best young teams in the league. I just read an article about their draft day war room and they all but had a deal sewn up with the Clips that would have gone down like this:

Cleveland trades:

LAC trades:
Odom, 8 & 12.

Assuming they got Caron Butler with the 8 and Ely with the 12 their line up would have been great.

pg - Wagner
sg - Butler
sf - Odom
pf - Ely
c - Ilgauskus/Diop

Now in a few years I'd be scared of that team. It seems the owner of the Clips, Donlad Sterling, backed out of the deal and tried to make it look like they ran out of time. What a bunch of crap. :upset: I like the LAC team, but I hate the organization. Well I just thought I'd share that with y'all.

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Yeah that would've been their lineup, also assuming that they didn't re-sign Ricky Davis.
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