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Typical jabber about the apparent poor officiating and Stu Jackson's denial of all the "conspiracies."

One part stood out, however, that shows me Stu has no clue about what "accountability" really is.

From the article:

"I hear every day, `if a referee misses two calls, did you fine him or do something to him,' " Jackson said. "I say, `if a player is 0-for-6 in the first quarter, did you suspend him or did you fine him.' This is not to be punitive. It is for education and development, to help him be the best official he can be."

First of all, his comparison is ridiculous. If a player is not meeting expectations, we see the accountability in action because he gets benched, waived, cut or otherwise dealt with. If a ref screws up, nobody knows if he is punished, fired, fined or whatever. I dont think it is reasonable to fine or punish a ref during the year unless he is obviously trying to manipulate a game or being unprofessional (like Javie is quite often). And I'm sure refs are let go at the end of the year due to poor performance. His statement just makes me think that he doesn't get how important the poor officiating is to the fans. I dont want ref to be fined or whatever, I just want them to make the right calls. No, not 90 to 94 % of the time...100% of the time. So I dont wanna hear that "the refs are being trained" and "we are reviewing each other's performance"... I wanna see better officiating !! And the fact that the NBA hands out fines whenever someone complains shows me they are working harder to hide the problem than to resolve it.
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