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Clipper-Knicks-Warriors Trade

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i didn't think of this but i saw it on another board and liked it tell me would this be a good trade for the clips and also if it works in the salary cap:

warriors-Camby , Cory Maggette
Knicks- Danny Fortson , Q Richardson , #30 from Warriors ,#41 from Clippers

clippers- Latrell Sprewell , Bob Sura , Erik dampier

Warriors : Marcus Camby gives them an athletic center that will let Jamison play sf his natural position . Cory Maggette gives them a super atletic swingman . With the #3 they draft Drew Gooden to play pf to form a really good frontcourt .

Knicks-Danny Fortson gives them a big man who can battle for rebounds . Q richardson will be a solid sg off the bench . With the #7 they draft Caron butler who can potentially become a star . With the #30 they draft Zaur pachulia who of what I hear is still a little raw but with great potential . With the #36 they draft Tayshaun Prince who has a great jumper and good handles . With the #41 they draft Ryan Humphrey he's undersized for a pf but his atleticicsm makes up for it .

clippers- Latrell Sprewell get a sg who can score and play defense and should be a huge upgrade from Eric Piatkowski.Bob Sura gives them a good scorer off the bench . Erik dampier gives them a solid backup to Michael Olowokandi and Elton Brand . With the #8 they draft Dajuan Wagner to Play pg and with the #12 they draft Curtis Borchardt to give them another big man off the bench which they will need to compete in the West.
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Hell, great deal for the Warriors. I'd be jumping on it
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