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Just like there is a book of the month club. So, too, it seems that players and coaches are afflicted by the need of the media to hand out accolades and annoint someone the coach, player or something or another of the month ... every dang month!

The quest for heroes to worship has gotten so bad that soon there'll be a Player of the hour, minute and second. When does the foolishness end?

All you have to do is succeed for a few days, an hour or a even a month these days and you get a photo op and an award to put in your trophy case. Used to be that success was measured in terms of seasons and the long-term. Now every-one is focused on short-term results. Threee to five years is an eternity.

Click here to read about Coach Lawrence Frank's sobering remarks about the Coach of the Month accolade. They are humble and refreshing. If he continues to improve as he has, he might end up being one of the best of all time. For now, he's only as good as his last month. Ha!


[L-Frank won Coach of the Month today, then blathered on for a few minutes about how it should be renamed “Team of the Month,” because that’s how interested he is in promoting his-own-bad-self.]
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