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Colangelo close to filling out staff?

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Smith was one of the guys that insisted Gabriel was one of the candidates up for our GM job. I don't know what league source keeps telling Smith that Gabriel is on call for a job in Toronto.

Ronzone sounds like an obvious choice to join Colangelo here. Then again, anyone with an Italian background will be linked to Colangelo just for convenience.
The Ronzone thing was also in a Detroit Paper today.
Flush said:

The Nba's Rat Pack...these guys can pick up chicks

you forgot Jay Triano too...
whenever I see collangelo he always reminds me of these guys. Not sure why

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this is a major coup if we can get ronzone over for the rest of the article, dont get me started on freaking jim kelly....i dont know how this guy does it, its just freaking unbelievable.....
Here's a great article on Ronzone, I'm really starting to like the idea of having this guy on staff

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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