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Figured I would expand this so I don't have to make new threads every season. Here's my preseason top 10 for 2009:

1. Florida
2. Texas
3. LSU
4. USC
5. Oklahoma
6. Penn State
7. Oklahoma State
8. Alabama
9. Ohio State
10. Virginia Tech

Most people are probably wondering why I have LSU so high. They return a ton of talent, and found a QB at the end of last season. They steamrolled Georgia Tech (who was no joke) in their bowl game last season. I honestly think they are going to take a quantam leap and win 11+ games this season.

Top 10 Heisman Candidates:

1. Tim Tebow
2. Colt McCoy
3. Sam Bradford
4. Dez Bryant
5. Jahvid Best
6. Zac Robinson
7. Jacquizz Rodgers
8. Terrelle Pryor
9. Evan Royster
10. Daryl Clark

Kind of a shot in the dark after the first few. I think all 10 have legitimate shots to make it to NYC for the ceremony.

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Really hope VT can handle the expectations this season. They haven't ever when looked at as title threat and usually do it when they're overlooked and not expected of anything.

If Tyrod doesn't make a big jump, we're not going anywhere this season either.

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Tyrod could have not made any improvements and you guys will still win 10 games. Your defense/special teams are too damn good for it not to happen especially in the ACC. If Tyrod has made the leaps many QB's heading into their junior years have you guys could be title contenders. I think he makes the leap and you guys are a top 5 team all year long.

And BM :whiteflag: from the rest of the college football landscape. Florida is too damn talented this year. The defense is going to be damn good, and if you can get Thompson, DeBose, and co. to replace Harvins production than your offense shouldn't miss a beat.

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This is true. Amazing the job Foster did with so little last season. But I guess I just want more than a 10 win season and an ACC title. Imagine if we had an offense for once to go with the defense? I mean, seriously.

The OC Stinespring has no excuse with the skill players this team has now.

And I agree with you about UF. Ole Miss or Texas might be the only schools with a shot.

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I have always pondered what VT would look like with an equally potent offense. It would be a scary sight for sure, would cement them behind Florida this year anyways.

After watching Pryor's spring game performance I'm pretty convinced OSU isn't going to drop off much if at all. Losing Wells hurt, as well as the defenders but they have capable guys replacing them. I think as of now they could beat SC in Columbus.

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There are too many good teams to say that only three schools have a shot. I've made that mistake the last couple of seasons. Not making it again.

BBall - Alabama agreed to schedule my college in 2010, which will be our first year playing NCAA football at any level. LOL. At least they are paying us $500,000 to do it.

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:laugh: Damn, at least their paying your school though. Alabama should be really damn good next year.

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New and Revised top 10:

1. Florida
2. LSU
3. Oklahoma
4. Texas
5. USC
6. Ohio State
7. Alabama
8. Penn State
9. Virginia Tech
10. Oklahoma State

-Texas drops because they have recently lost a couple of DL from the team, and another until fall camp. Depth problems especially on the interior dropped them so until I see how the new guys do I'll hold off on inserting them into the top 2.

-LSU at 2? Yep I'm really high on LSU this year. They have a legit QB and they have athletes galore on both sides of the ball. As long as the QB can limit mistakes I see them taking the SEC West and possibly the league next year.

-I'm putting OSU ahead of Penn State at this juncture because I believe Pryor has taken the leap necessary to cover for all the rest of the offensive losses. He isn't a great passer yet but he has improved and he has a good amount of weapons to throw to. Their defense is also going to be among the best in the country like always.

-Within the first two weeks of the season we will see two top 10 matchups. Alabama/VT on opening weekend, and OSU/USC the following weekend. Honestly this is going to be a year filled with colossal matchups.

I'm going to try to rank one position each of the next few days, i'll do a top 10 of some (skill positions) and a top 5 (OL/DL) of others.


1. Tim Tebow (Florida)
2. Sam Bradford (Oklahoma)
3. Colt McCoy (Texas)
4. Daryl Clark (Penn State)
5. Zac Robinson (Oklahoma State)
6. Dan LeFevour (Central Michigan)
7. Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State)
8. Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame)
9. Todd Reesing (Kansas)
10. Jevan Snead (Ole Miss)

-The top 3 are set in stone, after that there's a decent drop off. I think you could rank the next 7 in pretty much any order.

-Snead is low for a projected first round pick but I just don't see him being as productive or as dominant as the others will be this year.

-Clausen is probably too high in most peoples eyes but I can't put some of the other QB's across the country above him. I'm not trying to be a homer but he has the best WR/TE corps around him, and he can make any throw on the football field (plus our schedule = weak as hell). As long as his decision making/OL protection improves he could place himself behind the first 3.

-Clark to me is a highly productive guy, and he is a winner. I think productivity wise he might not be top 5 because he lost a lot in the WR category but he doesn't make many mistakes and PSU is going to win a good amount of football games this fall.

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Best Runningbacks:

1. Jahvid Best (Cal)
2. Charles Scott (LSU)
3. Evan Royster (Penn State)
4. Kendall Hunter (Oklahoma State)
5. Jacquizz Rodgers (Oregon State)
6. Noel Devine (West Virginia)
7. DeMarco Murray (Oklahoma)
8. Jon Dwyer (Georgia Tech)
9. Brandon Minor (Michigan)
10. LaGarrette Blount (Oregon)

The Runningback spot is loaded this year and I think it's a crapshoot after Best (who is the best RB by a large margin). I expect Minor, Devine, and Scott to have fantastic seasons.

Wide Receiver:

1. Arrelious Benn (Illinois)
2. Dez Bryant (Oklahoma State)
3. Jordan Shipley (Texas)
4. Golden Tate (Notre Dame)
5. AJ Green (Georgia)
6. Mike Floyd (Notre Dame)
7. Julio Jones (Alabama)
8. Dezmon Briscoe (Kansas)
9. Damian Williams (USC)
10. Brandon Lafell (LSU)

-Before I get called a homer again let me explain Tate/Floyd >>> Julio since I imagine people are going to be crying about that. Julio isn't a more proven WR at the college level than Golden Tate. Baring injury Tate is also a lock to put up better numbers this year than Julio. I really don't see how Julio is better than Floyd to be totally honest. Floyd is 6'3" pushing 230 with hops, speed, and some of the best ball skills in the country. Julio is basically the same. They are almost a carbon copy of each other but Floyd will also put up better numbers this year if healthy.

Tight Ends:

1. Jermaine Gresham (Oklahoma)
2. Rob Gronkowski (Arizona)
3. Dennis Pitta (BYU)
4. Aaron Hernandez (Florida)
5. Jamie McCoy (Texas A&M)
6. Richard Dickson (LSU)
7. Kyle Rudolph (Notre Dame)
8. DJ Williams (Arkansas)
9. Blake Ayles (USC)
10. Charlie Gantt (Michigan State)

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Offensive Lineman (Only 5 for lineman):

1. Anthony Davis (Rutgers)
2. Ciron Black (LSU)
3. Bryan Bulaga (Iowa)
4. Trent Williams (Oklahoma)
5. Lee Ziemba (Auburn)

Defensive Ends:

1. Carlos Dunlap (Florida)
2. Brandon Graham (Michigan)
3. Greg Hardy (Ole Miss)
4. George Selvie (USF)
5. Sergio Kindle (Texas) (Would be higher but I have him as a DE/LB hybrid)

Defensive Tackles:

1. Terrence Cody (Alabama)
2. Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma)
3. Ndamakong Suh (Nebraska)
4. Vince Oghobaase (Duke)
5. Jared Odrick (Penn State)

Outside Linebacker:

1. Travis Lewis (Oklahoma)
2. Mike Morgan (USC)
3. Greg Jones (Michigan State)
4. Sean Witherspoon (Missouri)
5. Rico McCoy (Tennessee)
6. Rennie Curran (Georgia)
7. Rod Muckelroy (Texas)
8. Quan Sturdivant (North Carolina)
9. Jason Beauchamp (UNLV)
10. Sean Spence (Miami) (Will make huge leaps up the list rather quickly)

Middle Linebackers:

1. Brandon Spikes (Florida)
2. Micah Johnson (Kentucky)
3. Rolando McClain (Alabama)
4. Ryan D'Imperio (Rutgers)
5. Pat Angerer (Iowa)
6. Sean Lee (Penn State)
7. Joe Pawelek (Baylor)
8. Jared Norton (Texas)
9. Brian Smith (Notre Dame)
10. Luke Laologi (San Diego State)


1. Joe Haden (Florida)
2. Janoris Jenkins (Florida)
3. Trevard Lindley (Kentucky)
4. Javier Arenas (Alabama)
5. Walter Thurmond (Oregon)
6. AJ Wallace (Penn State)
7. Shareece Wright (USC)
8. Robert Blanton (Notre Dame)
9. Ras-I Dowling (Virginia)
10. Crezdon Butler (Clemson)


1. Eric Berry (Tennessee)
2. Taylor Mays (USC)
3. Earl Thomas (Texas)
4. Major Wright (Florida)
5. Justin Woodall (Alabama)
6. Kam Chancellor (Virginia Tech)
7. Jordan Lake (Baylor)
8. Reshad Jones (Georgia)
9. Myron Lewis (Vanderbilt)
10. Nate Allen (USF)


1. Aaron Pettrey (Ohio State)
2. Brett Swenson (Michigan State)
3. Josh Aruco (Arkansas State)
4. Hunter Lawrence (Texas)
5. Dustin Keys (Virginia Tech)


1. Zoltan Mesko (Michigan)
2. Jeremy Boone (Penn State)
3. Matt Dodge (ECU)
4. Brent Bowden (Virginia Tech)
5. Zach Johnson (Eastern Michigan)

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Glad you gave Sean Spence his due! I couldn't believe it when I saw that he didn't make the preseason All ACC team.

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Glad you gave Sean Spence his due! I couldn't believe it when I saw that he didn't make the preseason All ACC team.
He seriously didn't make it? Wow that's crazy. Spence is a beast though, he is going to turn some heads this season.

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So Utah is a big-time football program. 9 straight bowl wins and the two huge BCS victories this decade equals welcome to the big time.

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So I was thinking about this earlier, but Alabama may have one of the best running back duo's to ever play college football this season. Ingram is the returning heisman winner and he is not even the best back on his own team. Trent Richardson is scary man, I mean he may be the most talented running back in college football since Adrian Peterson. Dude is built like a mack truck and he is pretty fast. They lost some guys on the OL and on defense, but Saban always has those units doing their part, not to mention how well he has recruited defense and offensive line the past few years. If McElroy still manages to play within himself I think Bama is going to repeat.

Also I know I gave USC some **** for hiring Lane Kiffin, but I really think he is going to do wonderful for SC. He is an offensive mind similar to Charlie Weis, but he has a way better perspective of the bigger picture and is a much better head coach. The last time SC had a potent offense it was under Kiffin's control (although they were developed by Chow). Orgeron was an awful HC, but he is a damn good recruiter and his offensive lines were damn good back when he was at SC under Carroll. Monte Kiffin is a good defensive mind and will get the most out of all that talent Carroll recruited. Plus Kiffin has been keeping the recruiting pace under Carroll going. Carroll's era started going downward because he lost a bunch of good assistant's and replaced them with guys who were clueless. One of his protege's comes back with a great coaching staff, and has/will keep the recruiting pace from the previous regime. USC hit a homerun with this hire IMO. I really hope I'm wrong, but I just have a gut feeling he is going to do work out in LA. I just hope Kelly is the real deal and will beat this guy sooner than later.

This is a big time put up or shut up year for a lot of people. Rich Rod, Jacory Harris/Randy Shannon/Miami program in general, Rick Neuheisel, etc. It'll be interesting to see how these things play out.

Diss, VT plays Central this year. I may go down to the game just so we can show VT how to tailgate before we get destroyed on the field. Hopefully it's a lot cheaper than I expect it to be.

I'm real excited for college football season though and I think this could be one of the best season's in recent memory. I'll get a top 10 and some heisman candiates up soon.

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Tyrod could have not made any improvements and you guys will still win 10 games. Your defense/special teams are too damn good for it not to happen especially in the ACC. If Tyrod has made the leaps many QB's heading into their junior years have you guys could be title contenders. I think he makes the leap and you guys are a top 5 team all year long.

This may have been a little premature, but with the improvements Tyrod has made VT is a title contender this year. It's now or never for Beamer, I just don't know if he will ever have an offense this talented again to complement the defense and special teams.

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It's going to take a lot to show VT how tailgating is done lol ;). I didn't even realize they play this yr.

But yeah, I'm pumped for the season. Taylor made a HUGE jump from that Nebraska game on (big throw to Coale and running around finding Roberts), and I expect better results. Plus, with Ryan Williams and Darren Evans (maybe David Wilson he might RS though), the WR core Roberts, Boyce, Cole and Davis - it should be most skilled team since at least '99 team. You're right, it might just be Beamer's last great shot, though I'm encouraged by recruiting they've done last few yrs. Logan Thomas - most likely QB next yr is gonna be a beast.

It's all going to start vs Boise St at Fed Ex Field in front 100,000 VT fans. All expectations on this being the yr Boise can make it to National Title game, gonna be great when they get destroyed.

I agree with you about Ingram and Richardson. As talented as Ingram is - holy ****, Richardson is ridiculous. They get Dont'a Hightower back this yr to take over for McClain and Marcell Dareus DT/DE steps in full time and last yr he made a huge impact rotating and only starting few games due to injury. Every game I watched he stood out (a lot of buzz about these 2 as pros as well). Nico Johnson, got time as a true freshman when Hightower went out. They have guys like OLB Jerrell Harris, CB Dre Kirkpatrick, etc to replace some starters. I agree, Nick Saban will get them ready. Just not sure about a repeat, but won't surprise me.

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Top 10:

1. Alabama
2. Virginia Tech
3. Ohio State
4. Boise State
5. Florida
6. Texas
7. North Carolina
8. USC
9. Nebraska
10. Pitt

Heisman top 5:

1. Ryan Williams
2. Terrelle Pryor
3. Ryan Mallett
4. Christian Ponder
5. Kellen Moore
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