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Duhon- This season, 3rd team, next year 1st or 2nd

Ford- This season 3rd-1st (!), next year 2nd or higher until senior/draft entry

Hinrich- He better be at least 3rd, hopefully 2nd, chance at 1st

Ridnour- Honorable mention...then 2nd team

Thomas- as junior, 3rd team, senior 3rd or 2nd (unless he leaves; unlikely)

Bell- 2nd or more very, very unlikely...honorable mention unless his team wins a lot

Bozeman- Will get lucky if he is honorable mention...may get 3rd team by senior year if he can hit at least rim on a 3pt shot by then (sarcasm, of course)

Knight- 3rd team or honorable

Mo Williams- As senior 2nd team, junior 3rd team, honorable next season

I prob. forgot some...if I did let me know.

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Hinrich may be regarded as a point, but this season he will be playing the 2 more. Sometimes the 3 spot like he did all season last year.

That is one reason, why he is one of the best guards out there.
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