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LeBron James - Kobe Bryant

Rickey paulding - Ricky Davis

Carmelo Anthony - Jalen Rose

James White - Jason Richardson

Kendrick perkins - Michael Olowokandi

Chris Duhon - Jason Terry

Kirk Hinrich - mike bibby

Luke Ridnour - Steve Nash

Reece Gaines - Gilbert Arenas

Nick Collison - Brad Miller

Emeka Okufor - Kenyon Martin

T.J. Ford - Jamaal tinsley
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what's the point of these comparisons?

It's obvious you guys don't know what you're talking about on at least half the players you listed. Stick to what you know, which isn't this.

I'm just curious about your comparisons and what you said about his. I don't agree with his, but I don't think your comparisons are great either. Kirk Hinrich is actually a very good shooter. I can't help but wonder what it is about his game that makes so many people compare him so Sam Cassell. And I don't like his TJ Ford comparison either, but your reasoning as to why it's wrong isn't much better. Neither one of them are scoring pointguards, both look to pass first. But Tinsley is much bigger. He's a flashy pointguard with a playground feel to his game, while TJ is smaller and quicker. He gets into the lane and dishes it off. Tinsley is much more of a scorer though.

I also agree that he should go older. Comparing players for next year's draft to guys who were rookies last year is just plain stupid. But Hinrich compared to Stockton? It's not even close. Hinrich's bigger and has more of a scoring mentality to his game. Stockton's sole focus is to get the ball to the guy who's going to score.
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I didn't say you compared Hinrich to Stockton

Sting said that.
If Boschee took 40 shots a game

then the other team would focus on stopping him, which wouldn't really be that hard because he's short and not a great offensive player other than shooting three's, so it wouldn't be that hard to take him out of his game.

I agree that Ford is flashy, but in a different way than Tinsley I guess. Both play at Rucker park from what I've heard, and I know Tinsley grew up in that area. I don't even think he played in highschool, he played on playgrounds his whole life. I didn't really see Ford try to do too many fancy things last year, he was just so quick and did his job efficiently.

Man you must really hate Kansas, you should come here, its really not that bad:grinning:
Um, you mean go to KU? Uh, no thanks. MU should be just fine for me. I mean, I have real career goals, I don't want to take glorified PE classes about the history of KU basketball. MU has the best J school in the midwest, easily, probably even the best in the country. And they have more than one sport, too.
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The state's not much better

One large wheat field. But they did invent Pizza Hut, and have the world's largest ball of twine, they get credit for that. I think I saw a roadside exotic animal farm once while driving through the state too.
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