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LeBron James - Kobe Bryant

Rickey paulding - Ricky Davis

Carmelo Anthony - Jalen Rose

James White - Jason Richardson

Kendrick perkins - Michael Olowokandi

Chris Duhon - Jason Terry

Kirk Hinrich - mike bibby

Luke Ridnour - Steve Nash

Reece Gaines - Gilbert Arenas

Nick Collison - Brad Miller

Emeka Okufor - Kenyon Martin

T.J. Ford - Jamaal tinsley
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"Florent Pietrus- Bo Outlaw on D, Antwan Jamison on O"

with that comparison this guy should be one hell of a player.
dang bruce..if your comparisons are on then none of those guys have much of a future. bj tyler...i forgot about him. he is one of the fastest players i have ever seen on the court. does anyone know where he is playing now????
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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