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Detroit 69, Butler 70 (Final OT)
Wright State 83, Loyola 68 (Halftime)
Wisconsin-Milwaukee 82, Wisconsin-Green Bay 70 (Final)
Cleveland State 68, Illinois-Chicago 83 (Final)
Youngstown State (4-11, 1-5) Off

Butler gets the first OT conference win of the season. I think we might see a new Butler team come out in these next few weeks.

I am embarassed to be a Green Bay fan right now. I saw Green Bay lose to a team THAT PLAYED WORSE THAN CLEVELAND STATE. Honestly, after watching Milwaukee play today, I don't understand how Milwaukee could win so many games. To me, it looks like Milwaukee should be 0-16 and 0-6 right now! They got lucky today, that's all there is to it. As a result, I will not predict Milwaukee to win another game this season. They are, in my opinion, the worst team in the league. I hope Cleveland State humiliates them when they play, and if they somehow get into the tournament, I think the NCAA selection committee will lose all credibility.
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