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It was a night for the home teams.

Cleveland State 43, Butler 61 (Final)
Loyola 75, Youngstown State 76 (Final)
Detroit 52, Wisconsin-Green Bay 53 (Final)

Two good, close matchups and one blowout. Tonight, we saw how the home court can truly be advantageous.

(A little change here from before.)

For the UDM/UWGB game, it was pretty intense. For the first 10 minutes, UWGB dominated the game and was up in double digits. However, over about the next 20, it was almost all UDM, as they came back to lead at halftime and take a double-digit lead. The last 10 minutes featured a slow UWGB comeback, and the things really intensified in the last minute. In the last minute, UWGB mishandled the ball, had it stolen by Thues, and then was fouled. He hit the first of a one-and-one bonus, then UDM got the rebound, up 1, and called a timeout. They ran the clock down to 10 seconds, when they had to shoot. They missed, and UWGB got the rebound and UDM fouled during it. It was double bonus, and both free throws went in, putting UWGB up 1.

This situation scared me a little, because I still remember how close we came to losing against Cleveland State. It was the same situation. We were up 1, and UDM had the ball with 8 seconds left. They brought it down quick, took a shot with about 4 seconds to go, missed, got the rebound and put another shot up, and missed. The horn went off, and the game was over.

I saw how good UWGB can be in those first 10 minutes. If they could keep playing like that for longer periods of time, they could beat any team in this league.
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