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Yes, I know these are a bit late, but I've been in Milwaukee watching the game.

IPFW 61, Youngstown State 71 (Final)
Detroit 77, Loyola 80 (Final OT)
Illinois-Chicago 74, Butler 71 (Final OT)
Cleveland State 56, Wright State 72 (Final)
Wisconsin-Green Bay 70, Wisconsin-Milwaukee 81 (Final)

Tonight, I'm not as mad as I was the first time UWGB lost to UWM, because this time, both teams played pretty good games. This was probably the closest game that Milwaukee has played at home and won. Anyway, after this UWM win, I think they've solidified themselves at the top of the conference, but I think also that UWGB, in these last two games, has proven that they are a true contender in this conference. Hopefully, they can get the 2 seed in the tournament and pull a big upset to get an NCAA bid.

There was one thing at the game I didn't like, and that was the UWM student section and one of their chants which featured swearing. Why was that allowed?
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