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Could Noc Get 6th Man Votes?

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Anyone else think Andres Nocioni might get a few votes for 6th man of the year? He's coming on strong of late and should get more minutes with Songaila out of action. The numbers are pretty good - 12 and 5, and he's got a rep as a tough defender. If he doesn't start another game this season (he's started 29, which seems like a lot, but guys have won the award with 20 odd starts before) and nudges his numbers up to 13 and 6 or so has he got a chance? Here's a list of past winners:

It sounds crazy at first, and I haven't though much about this year's candidates, but his numbers aren't dramatically different from a lot of those guys...
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Votes, yes, but no chance at the award. Mike Miller's got this locked up. He's had a triple double off the bench and a 41 point game.

Nocioni does make a fine 6th man though and I hope he continues to prosper in this role.
Noc is an awsome 6th man but due to the Bulls record I think that will hurt his chances and they always overlook our talent.Its o.k. though because IMO there are squads he could start for and he is playing a whole lot better then he did last season.He's averaging about 3 or more point per game this year then last year.And if my memory serves me right ,didn't he start more last year?Nocioni won't probley win it but he does deserve some votes.
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