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ok according to his brother(i think) minnesota wants ricky davis. so how about this trade which is not how it would be exactly but just the basic shake down of it?

minnestoa trades wally and terrel brandon(and someone else for sure, dont know who though.)
to cleveland for andre miller and ricky davis.

now im not exactly sure ont he salaries or anything and i dont really care lol. but minnesota gives up an all star SG(although not in the east) who wants the max and a pg who wants to play backup and has a big contract i think. they get miller who also wants the max, but him and KG would be great together, and they get a SG who should be as good and possibly better then wallay(and he can get his own shot!) cleveland has to give wallay a big contract, but they get brandon who can play backup for wagner and help him come along as a PG possibly i dno about salaries though, i know miller and wallay both want the max now, and i know brandon has a pretty big contract and davis wants 5 years 35 mil, some other people would probably have to be involved to make it work, but wouldnt it be a good trade for Minnesota definitely and not bad for cleveland since they get a point who can come in and teach wagner an all star and whoever else the wolves throw in(loren woods? some other big guy?)

i dno, crazy trade idea but hey it could happen!
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