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Croshere over ostertag!

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figured that title would get peoples attention, but anyway, this is a follow up to my last thread, everyone one was saying no ostertag, so an alternative would be this

Trade Sacramento's first rounder, DeClerq and Buechler to Indiana for Austin Croshere.

Sign Brian Skinner.

Then the depth chart would look like this

C Mohammed, Oyedeji
PF Croshere, Skinner, Hunter
SF Hill, Humphrey, McKey
SG McGrady, Piatkowski
PG Vaughn, Armstrong

This team is small, but fits the eastern conference, and the league is driven by power forwards anyway. Even being smaller, the team is a good rebounding team.

I still like the Ostertag plan better, but this would work too. This is more of a Doc Rivers team.

I don't know who posted it here first, but Grant Hill is still the biggest off-season acquisition of this summer. Hill won't be back at the top of his game, but expect 18pts, 7rbs, 7asts. Then in the playoffs his production will go up like Jason Kidd's did this season.
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i dont think that croshere would help us in getting TD or Jermaine cuz his contract is realy big and it would jsut bein the way. and plus, crosher sucks.. he's overrated and only did good in the playoffs that year.
He played behind Harrington, Artest, Bender, O'neal and Foster. Not enough time for everyone to play, so someone had to get screwed. He sure doesnt suck, but hes nothing more than a role player

yes he does suck. he tore it up during the playoffs. then he got his fatty contract and stunk it up (the overachiever disease). everyone billed him as "great potential and blah blah blah" and couldnt live up to the expectations so he basically died and became sucky
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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