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Good article by Peter May, Boston Globe.

Billy King, Sixers GM, made the tender offer to Harpring in late June. He rescinded it July 23. You have to wonder: What was Harpring thinking in that three-week stretch? Does he really think someone out there is going to pay him more than $2.3 million this year? Maybe he knows something we don't.

King said Friday that he's taken countless calls from agents begging him to sign their player to the veteran minimum, which tops off at $1.03 million. That's one reason he pulled the plug on the Harpring tender. The other was that if it had been signed, King could not have traded Harpring for a year and Harpring would have been an unrestricted free agent this time next year.
I really hope Krause has something up his sleeves to add 2-3 high quality vets. After our summer league performance, it has never been more clear that we need the help. We have to be nearly as attractive a team as the Sixers, right?
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