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:laugh: Not quite the term I had in mind, but........

From: The PDX Columbian..

It was Whitsittian in nature, the kind of trade that would make Bob Whitsitt smile.

The Blazers dealt for Darius Miles, and then they spent the afternoon talking about the potential that he has.

Just what kind of player is Miles?

Well, he's tall. He's athletic. He has long arms and long legs and good speed, a sort of Holy Trinity according to the Book of Whitsitt.......

........So, let me get this straight. What we're saying is that Miles has a lot of, er, um, what's the word I want ... upside.

....All of which is basketball-speak meaning that he's a good athlete with little understanding of how to play the game....

....It remains to be seen just what that value is. But Miles will lend flexibility to the roster, both on the court and off.

And as a great man once said -- Shakespeare or Dickens or somebody like that -- that has tremendous upside.

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Well, at least he didn't call him a human tripod.

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