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postgame quotes

Quoting Bulls Head Coach Scott Skiles
I thought what we didn’t want to happen happened. I don’t know how many layups and dunks they got. We got the game to within 6 points and a minute to a minute and a half later the lead was 13. Marcus Camby had 18 rebounds at half time and the rebounds were 52 to 29. That is hard to overcome. They really dominated us inside.”

Quoting Bulls G Jamal Crawford
“We kind of knew that they were going to come out running. They need to do that especially here at altitude. It seemed like everyone was in foul trouble and we couldn’t seem to fight back. In the third and fourth quarter the rhythm of the game was going our way. Eddy Curry started to play well and we got it to within six.”

Quoting Bulls G Kirk Hinrich
“I started the game off pretty well. I was in rhythm offensively. The fouls kind of through us off our rhythm and I didn’t play smart on a couple of the fouls. You’ve got to use your head especially on the fouls. They were energized and they ran the floor. For us it is the same story as all year. We play good for part of the game and then we play bad for part of the game.”

I thought what we didn’t want to happen happened.

if anyone is still vainly looking for the 'headline" that sums it up so far, this is it in a nutshell.

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