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Use this command to set the rotation/depth charts for all teams in the current league.

You can also set the active rosters for each team.

When team substitution is controlled by computer coaches the computer will use these depth charts and the actual minutes played to distribute minutes and assign starters.

Select the team from the team list.

The current roster for that team appears. (Up to 14 players)

The name of each player and their primary position are listed

Under each of the five possible positions you can select from the following for each player:

no - The player will only be used in an emergency

1st - Starter

2nd - Backup who will receive the majority of the minutes when the starter is not on the court

3rd - 3rd stringers usually will get some spot minutes off the bench each game

4th - Usually plays infrequently

none - Will be used only in emegency

Set active to no and the player will not be used at all.

The first twelve players only that are active are eligible to play. (If you set all 14 to active - yes, only the first 12 will be considered active)

If no depth charts are set the computer will set them before each game using the players primary position and their ability however setting them yourself allows greater control

Select OK to save changes including any changes made with the ratings editor

Select Cancel to cancel any changes made


min - minutes (1-48) - select the preferred amount of minutes per game you wish to designate the player

of - offensive focus (auto/outside/drive/post) - Players preferred spot on the floor on offense, which will increase the number of that type of shot available, example: If a player focuses on the Post, the player will take more post shots than usual

df - defensive focus (auto/outside/drive/post) - Players preferred spot on the floor on defense, this will increase the defense in the selected area. If you put a player in the post his post defense will improve but it can affect the defense in other areas

oi - offensive intensity (-2/-1/-/1/2) - The higher the number the more the player will look to score, this can have an effect on the players ability to make players better, fatigue, and defense

di - defensive intensity (-2/-1/-/1/2) - The higher the number the more aggressive the player will be defensively, leading to more turnovers, but can impact the players defensive ratings, and lead to increased fouls

bh - ball handler (-2/-1/-/1/2) - The higher the number the more the player will look to run the offense, pass first and shoot second, but can impact the players ability to score overall
This is the info you should be posting (for each player) when you post your depth charts.
Joe Average: 1st/35/outside/auto/1/2/-
Including your traditional lineup of this sort is also a good idea:

PG: Joe/Jack/Don
SG: Bob/Steve/Marty
SF: John/Steve/Fred
PF: Bill/Ted/Dean
C: Ted/Dean/James

You know what I mean. Oh, and if you have 13-15 players, make sure to say which players will be inactive.
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