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I heard from fellow fans that went to the Jason Terry
allstar game that Dermarr done a windmall jam(Nique
was there and watching)and he done the JR Rider in
between the legs dunk.

It pisses me off because he never does these things
in games and on TV and refuses to complete in the
slam dunk contest.

It sure would be nice to see this things in games.I remember
when cramed the ball down Theo's throat a few years
ago when we played Philly.

Btw,Theo block 3 dunk attempts by O'Neal.It;s nice to
see he is coming along,but I still have to doubt him.

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you're probably the only one out there that cares about his dunks.most hawks fans want to see him start to live up to his lofty draft position.i think the 3rd year for a lot of young players becomes the breakout year.i am curious to see how he does along with guys like miles,miller,tskalidas and the others from the 2000 draft.

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Actually you're wrong.You want to know the real reason
I want to see them?Dermarr lacks AGGRESSIVENESS.It
bugs me that he can do these things in meangless games,
but doesn't even attempt to go to the basket in a real
game.It bugs me.It bugs us all at Hawksquawk and we
HOPE these things are a sign of aggression to come as
he was also talking with Nique.IF Nique the master of
offense can't help DJ with being aggressive I don't know
who can.

First of all,he was draft 6th in a weak draft...neither
Martin or Mike Miller should be top draft picks.The best
Dermarr is ever going to be is Sean Elliott and with this
such a weak draft that isn't so bad.

"you're probably the only one out there that cares about
his dunks"

Unless you are a Hawk fan please don't act like you know
what Hawk fans want and don't want to see.Not meaning
to be rude.But I get tired of people that think they know
everything and there are far to many of these fans around
these days.
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