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There was a blurb in the RedEye about Bill Cartwright. They asked Stacy King what Bills dirtiest tricks in the post were, and Stacy responded:

"Bill taught me how to punch a guy in the ribs so that the refs would never see it. When he posts you up and he's calling for the ball, theres a split second where the refs have to have their attention elsewhere and pow! Throws him off, gives you the upper hand. I never could get it down like he did though...

He was also an expert at getting a handful of a guys shorts and tugging 'em as the ball came in and then getting around him to steal the ball.

My favorite though was to grab the entry pass and, elbows out, spin with them face level to meet the defender. The first crack was usually an offensive foul. The rest of the time you had extra space to get your shot off. :) "
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