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Do we have a 4.5 million dollar exception? If we do, is there a possibility that Bonzi Wells could sign here? i know we don't have room for him, but he is talent. Reggie will get way less minutes so Bonzi would still get around 30 minutes which is what he gets in Portland. And he would be coming home.

We could still use the veterans minimum on Kevin Ollie or Tim Hardaway.

PG: Jamaal Tinsley 35 min./ Kevin Ollie or other FA 13 min.
SG: Reggie Miller 24 min/ Bonzi Wells 24 min.
SF: Ron Artest 20 min./ Al Harrington 15 min. / Bonzi Wells 13 min.
PF:Jermaine O'Neal 28 min./ Al Harrington10 min./JonBender10min
C: Brad Miller 30 min./ JermaineO'Neal 10 min./ Jeff Foster 8 min.

No PT: Ron Mercer/ Austin Croshere / Fred Jones/ Jamison Brewer

Total Minutes:
Jamaal Tinsley 35 min.
Kevin Ollie? 13 min.
Reggie Miller 24 min.
Bonzi Wells 37 min.
Ron Artest 20 min.
Al Harrington 25 min.
Jermaine O'Neal 38 min.
Jonathan Bender 10 min.
Brad miller 30 min.
Jeff Foster 8 min.

Trading Block: Jonathan bender, Ron Artest, Ron Mercer, Austin Croshere, Fred Jones

And plus that is more minutes than he is getting in Portland. and plus he is going home. If we could trade those guys it would free up PT.

It's a longshot, but it is my dream.:D

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Why would we give Mercer and Jones no pt? Mercer is making WAY too much money to be sitting on the bench with Crosher talking about how they just have to sit on a bench for a while and make millions in the process (easiest job ever) and Fred Jones needs pt to develop. He'll be good, if no great in a few years if he gets some pt. As far as Bonzi goes, I would not like to see him in our uni, he could be a cancer. I agree with Hardaway though, he would be a good mentor for Tinsley.

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Why would he be a cancer? Once Reggie retires it clears up the clog. If you can get this guy to sign, you do. Then you try to package all of those guys I said were on the trading block for an allstar. Plus, I like the 1-2 combo of Wells and O'Neal for years to come.

I have never heard anything of Wells being a cancer. He might ***** if Thomas doesn't give him minutes, but he is a rising star. Down the road, once Reggie retires, Could you see the lineup including Wells, Bender, and O'neal?

Try to get rid of Mercer and Croshere before the season starts. Fred Jones was supposed to be a second rounder.

Fred Jones = Jeff Trapagnier

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Minutes should be more like this...

Reggie 30
Jermaine 42+
Al 38+
Jonathan 30
Tinsley 35
Brad 25
Mercer 25
Backup Point 5
Foster 5
Jones 5

Problem is there is no room for Artest, really. I really think we should package him and Tinsley and Chrosh for Payton. Payton would play in the high 30's probably...

Payton 38

Give Payton his extension by making it a sign-and-trade. Hell, maybe we could even pick up a first rounder from the Sonics and eventually grab someone like Kirk Hienrich or Chris Duhon. And Jamie Brewer has a huge upside, don't forget that. And if Al gets 38 minutes or so a night we'll see him in Atlanta in Feb. (All-Star Game). Just my thoughts...
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