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Warning: what follows is really stupid. Seriously, it's dumb.

Anyway: Clippers coach/president Doc Rivers has been lobbying heavily for DeAndre Jordan to win Defensive Player of the Year. Hyping up Jordan is nothing new for Rivers: he famously compared Jordan to Celtics great Bill Russell last year. Many believe it's a calculated measure to give Jordan confidence and convince him there's glory in doing the dirty work.

But it's getting silly now. Here's where we are currently at:

1. Doc "demands investigation" if Jordan doesn't win


"He's clearly the defensive player of the year," Rivers said Sunday. "If anybody else gets that award, we need to have an investigation. ... What he's doing defensively, if he was doing that offensively, he would be recognized as the MVP or one of them, but because it's defense, no one notices."

We said there's no way DeAndre deserves it.

2. Doc says there's no No. 2 option


Before the game, Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers handicapped the Defensive Player of the Year field by saying, "I just believe that (DeAndre Jordan's) No. 1. I don't think there's a No. 2."

When asked specifically about Golden State's candidate, he said, "I mean, Draymond Green's great. I love his energy. He's phenomenal, but DJ's the best defensive player."

3. ESPN's Tom Haberstroh also says "No way, Doc"

From an ESPN Insider piece:

Maybe "no one notices" because there's just not much that stands out. Rivers has been known to get out the pom-poms for his players. In fact, Rivers already had launched the Jordan DPOY campaign in June, saying, "100 percent, I think that's what he will be" when all is said and done in 2014-15. A few days ago, Rivers claimed that "D.J. is the best defensive player in the league. I just really believe that."

Unfortunately for Rivers, Jordan's DPOY case isn't much of a case at all. This screams confirmation bias on Rivers' part more than anything. All evidence suggests Jordan is a good defensive player; not a great one, and certainly not the best. Let's run through all the reasons.

Haberstroh presents a thorough statistical case that notes a couple of Jordan's positives, but also notes how Jordan's rim protection numbers aren't great, the Clippers aren't a good defensive team overall and don't even get much better with Jordan in the game. It's a similar case to what we presented, but with more statistical rigor.

4. Rivers didn't like the piece

From a media session on Friday.

5. Haberstroh responds

Actually, it was more:

6. So what happened? How could Doc miss this?

Smh, Doc. That's terrible.
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