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Let's get this straight. It's not a case of the league letting offensive players do what they want, it's a case of the league letting defenses get away with too much for the last decade, and fixing it. Players are far too strong, lengthy and athletic to let them handcheck and harrass offensive players like they did before. It's okay when you have a Jeff Hornacek and Joe Dumars on a Michael Jordan, those guys were outmatched physically so the league let perimeter defenders play aggressive. Now we have 6'7 and 6'8 guys who are quick as a cat, strong as an ox, and huge wingspans. It's not fair if you let them manhandle offensive players. Nobody would ever score.

On a sidenote more related to the thread, Carmelo Anthony is averaging 26.6 points per game, but in only 36.9 minutes per game. He scores at the same rate as LeBron does (both at 34.6 points per 48 minutes).
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