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Don't be suprised if Krause doesn't choose JWill

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I still don't believe he'll go with the obvious...It's kinna hard to trust Krause man, but we'll see.. I think if Yao Ming's gone, he will choose either Dunleavy Jr., Drew Gooden, or Caron Butler...

Believe me I desperately want JWill, but I doubt that Krause will choose the obvious..
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You know I truely hope that, for the sake of those who are in love with the idea of drafting and keeping JWill, Krause does just that....because if he doesn't it's going to be a lot of devastated and disheartened Bulls fans on these boards venting and making the boards quite hellish. WARNING;Krause just has a way at times of pissing a fan off with an occasional(sp?) WTF type of move...for me it started with his selection of Sellers over Dawkins in 86 upto the Brand trade last year(that one may have worked out). Not to say that Dawkins was all of that but at the time I thought less of Sellers game. Guardedly optimistic is what I'm trying to be.
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