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Don't be suprised if Krause doesn't choose JWill

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I still don't believe he'll go with the obvious...It's kinna hard to trust Krause man, but we'll see.. I think if Yao Ming's gone, he will choose either Dunleavy Jr., Drew Gooden, or Caron Butler...

Believe me I desperately want JWill, but I doubt that Krause will choose the obvious..
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Originally posted by Songcycle
Since nothing has happened yet, why complain now. I also want Jay Williams, but if Krause should pick Dunleavy and get estra goodies, I won't complain because the guy knows what he is doing. It also depends on what the extra goodies are. Still I have trouble believing that anything like that will happen. Jay Williams is the obvious choice.
are those goodies free jollyranchers for all bulls fans? if so... then GREAAAT!
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