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Ok, I'm bound to get a lot of disagreement with the subject line of this thread and likely the contents, however I think making any substantial trade before the deadline would be a very bad idea. With all of the injuries we've had this year, we haven't really seen our team really playing together at 100%. So, while our team motto is 'no excuses', I don't think busting them up (again) at this point would be the smart thing to do. Players (and especially young, developing players) should be provided with a safe & secure work environment to help them succeed and more time should be allowed given the injury situation, coaching change and Toronto trade for the team to be able to gel into a unit before we send them off in another direction yet again. This is my biggest problem with what Paxson has done so far, all these changes along with a motto of 'no excuses' is not exactly the proper thing to inspire a young injury riddled team. I would have preferred something more like a Mark Cuban approach where instead of challenging them in a negative way (no excuses); Pax tried to inspire them in a positive way.

I see the opposites attract backcourt of Hinrich and JC as a very good thing. I like having 2 combo guards (and yes, they are both combo guards at heart) who are quick and athletic while also having 3pt shooting skills, ball handling and passing ability. These skills should be invaluable for them as they progress in their careers. The fact that one is more controlled offensively while aggressive defensively and the other more colorful offensively while more conservative defensively makes them each useful in and of their own way while complementing each other. Both seem very coachable and have very good upsides. Pippen, Gill and Brunson can provide veteran leadership off the bench. If Jay can come back next year and take Pippen's place, even better. If we shake up the backcourt, I think we'll regret it down the road.

At SF, for now, I think JYD and Erob should be able to handle the spot. JYD can defend most 3s, and his toughness helps in the starting lineup. Erob's scoring of the bench is crucial at the moment, while he's improving and may still develop into our long-term solution as the starting SF if his attitude can undergo a permanent correction. Dupree and Jeffries are nice things to have at the end of the bench for the future, but offer little help right now and probably don't deserve to play. Our 1st round pick in the draft should be a SF or we should make a deal over the summer if the best player available is not a SF. If Tommy Smith ever comes back from overseas and does something, even better.

In the post, we've not seen Chandler & Curry playing together at their best since perhaps the pre-season, or maybe since near the end of last season. Both are tremendous natural talents who complement each other nicely in their abilities and should not be given up on. Chandler provides intensity, defense, rebounding, shot blocking and the ability to shoot facing the basket (he will get better at that over time) the only question mark has been durability. Curry's post offense is strong and developing, all he needs is constant intensity and continuous conditioning work. Both seem willing to do what the coaching staff requests of them. Like your guard combo, they are very coachable young men and they have both made tremendous strides since they arrived in Chicago straight out of high school 3 years ago. Davis, Blount and Fizer can provide solid veteran bench help at the post positions once Chandler gets back to full speed. Fizer may walk after the season, if so that's just more money to use for signing free-agents or re-signing other guys. If Mario Austin ever comes back and does something, even better.

So, to close, I see this group as having tremendous developing talent at 4 positions surrounded by solid veteran role players at 5 position. I think the correct thing to do is to wait for those 4 to establish themselves, as the 4 all could develop into very special players in the near future and their talents complement each other very well. Dealing some of the 4 for an established star or near-star will not help the long-term prospects of the team, just as dealing Artest & Miller for Rose did not help the long-term prospects of the team. We've removed Rose & Marshall to allow the 4 the opportunity to step up offensively while being surrounded by veterans who can help them improve defensively. Now is the time to wait and see what they can become without making any hasty decisions.
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