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I was reading ESPN chat wrap and noticed an interesting question from a Celtic fan. It`s a shame that Dr.Jack is related to Obie that is why his answers about Celtics and Obie`s work are always a bit diplomatic.

Patrick (Boston): Dr Jack, Love your work and don't want to put you on the spot, but I have to ask this question for all Celtic fans. What in God's name is Jim O'Brien doing? Let me explain. First, the defense that Jim O'Brien and Dick Harter implemented 3+ years ago relies on rotating and fronting. Ultimately, these two concepts make it much more difficult for the players to get defensive rebounds than straight up man-to-man defense. It's tougher to body up on a man when the shot goes up because they?re usually rotating and playing a space not a man and even when they are playing a man it become difficult to regain rebounding position since they always seem to be fronting. Put these two situations together and it's no wonder the Celtics give up a ton of offensive rebounds. After 3 years, teams have figured out how to exploit it (from the weakside) and the C's have yet to make a change to counter it. Second, the 3 point shooting has got to stop. Danny Ainge promised us an up tempo style yet Jim O'Brien is giving us exactly what he gave us last year. And, the fact that he continues to play Walter McCarty who over the last 4 games and 41 shots is shooting only 22% is beyond me. Finally, I think most of us are also sick of hearing his "We don't know what Chris Mihm and Ricky Davis can do yet " Here's a hint, Chris can run the floor, block shots and rebound while Ricky can flat out score. Now please work with your son in law and help him find a use for Ricky and Chris if he can't. I don't mean to sound angry, but I spend a lot of money on tickets and I am sick of seeing CYO basketball. Thanks for answering

Dr. Jack Ramsay: Long question, Patrick...and many repeats of it. But to answer: The Cs defense is 3rd best in the league in fg%D. They are weak rebounders as you state. Some of that is related to the defensive system, but a couple of strong boardmen would make it work. Fronting does not necessarily give offensive positioning if the fronter makes the effort to swing around and block his man...that's a fundamental that all teams observe. I expect Obie to use Mihm more because of his rebounding, althoug he has a limited offensive game.
The Cs need to find ways to score more and have no low post man now that Vin has reverted to his last season's form on the court. Their best chance of scoring is to run more, penetrate to the hoop more, then take the 3s that come from that. It's a tough team to coach...not the team that Obie preferred.
Hang in there with them...they'll get better. I expect Ricky to get more minutes and the points to get more chances to get to the hoop. Banks needs better control and James more consistency...

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