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Let me know what you guys think about this baby I put together in my head...

LAC, NY, and the Cavs get involved in a three way trade. New York trades Sprewell to LAC. Odom goes to the Cavs, and Andre goes to NY. To make this deal fair, the Cavs get the Knicks' 7th pick, the Knicks get the Clippers' 12th pick, and the Clippers get Camby. To break it down, it'd look like this:

To NY: Andre Miller, LAC's 12th pick.
To Cavs: Odom, NY's 7th pick.
To LAC: Sprewell, Camby.

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Salaries aside, because I am unaware of the intricasies of the cap, that trade would work for NY, giving them a very solid PG to help kickstart a needed rebuilding phase.

It would also work for LAC, assuming Camby is relatively healthy as they will get a couple of guys (Sprewell in particular) who can ease the load.

C: Olowakandi / Camby
PF: Brand / Camby
SF: Miles / Q Richardson
SG: Sprewell / Maggette / Q Richardson
PG: McInnis / Maggette

That's a very solid rotation
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