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Draft Outlook-post tourny

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after the NCAA tournament it looks like Joakim Noah is going to ride his hype into the top 5 picks in this draft. i personally do not think he is that good of a prospect for the NBA, buti really do hope he is picked this high. This gives the magic a very legitimate shot at landing a guy like rudy gay or adam morrison. it almost gurantees that we could have rodney carney as well. i am really excited about him and tyrus thomas too, and here is to hoping that they go 1-2 in the draft this year. what a sham that would be.
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Rush already said that he is going to attend Kansas next year so he is out of it. Now, i still think that if noah and thomas come out we will miss out on morrison and gay, but that is fine with me because the guys i really want are brandon roy and rodney carney. i think both of them are going to be big time players even moreso than gay and morrison. its probably because i am a big time pac-10 fan, but roy is awesome, and carney i just like because he is one of those freak athletes, but he can still shoot which is really hard to find. oh and just think about how great a frountcourt could be with dwight and lamarcus aldridge, and darco. i would love it. second round, i just hope we pick the best guy available who will be able to come in and get some time. while i really do like travis deiner we all knew that he was never really going to contribute on the court. i want a guy like hassan adams, or even allen ray, who might still be there. my sleeper pick for a steal in the second round is marcus slaughter though. anybody who watched him the last couple of years at san diego state knows that this guy plays hard defense and, ala dwight howard, has a nose for rebounding. he can also hit the 17 foot jumper consistently, and has a good FT percentage. dont overlook that guy.
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