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Draft Outlook-post tourny

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after the NCAA tournament it looks like Joakim Noah is going to ride his hype into the top 5 picks in this draft. i personally do not think he is that good of a prospect for the NBA, buti really do hope he is picked this high. This gives the magic a very legitimate shot at landing a guy like rudy gay or adam morrison. it almost gurantees that we could have rodney carney as well. i am really excited about him and tyrus thomas too, and here is to hoping that they go 1-2 in the draft this year. what a sham that would be.
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the nucleus of the team is so young that maybe moving that pick for a veteran player that could help them go deep into the playoffs may be the way to go.
JNice said:

I'm happy with our starting lineup right now but probably with Darko starting over Battie next year. Arroyo and Dooling coming off the bench at guard is fine with me. Ariza coming off the bench for Hedo is fine with me. And Dwight, Darko, and Battie will take a majority of the big man minutes.

I think we could draft Redick ... a sharpshooter with some fire and leadership characteristics and find any big cheap body as an extra big man. More than likely unless we get lucky and get a guy like Morrison or Gay I can't imagine anyone we'd be drafting that would get a whole lot of PT next year.

We had our draft in trades this year picking up Darko, Arroyo, and Ariza.
i'd like to see them get a veteran wing player,someone like a trenton hassel or a shane battier. i think their youth is a major plus but can also be a minus, get a veteran in there without having to break the bank in terms of someone coming in and needing 25 shots a game, a grinder basically.
deanwoof said:
Rainman - Hassell and Battier both have over 4 years left on their contracts with Hassell's being at $4.5M a year and Battier at $5M ending at $7.5M. That's a lot of money to be throwing at a SF coming off the bench.

We have veterans already in Hill, Augmon, Battie and Outlaw. Of course Hill doesn't play, however Augmon and Outlaw are our mentors/cheerleaders and will play when called upon to. I think we should just let our guys develop together and don't make any drastic changes. In the draft, we should draft a senior/junior; someone that can help us right away instead of a project.
how much they made wouldnt matter to me as a fan as long as it doesnt disrupt the chemistry, i mentioned those two as examples of guys with some experiance that would add some toughness and be good in the clubhouse. there could be a lot of guys who could fit the bill. i just dont think in this draft, unless you are going to get into that top 3,there is going to be that player that is going to be of much help.
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